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Foodler Inc. was an American online food ordering service that connected consumers with a wide variety of restaurants for immediate delivery. The company’s website,, ranked restaurants according to consumer feedback with recommendations based on order history, user ratings, discounts, and free delivery. Users could rank specific dishes. Foodler also remembered users’ favorite foods, addresses, payment, and tip preferences to speed up the ordering process.


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Data Entry Specialist (Current Employee) says

"This company is still starting from the ground slowly rising. So a lot of things are still coming into place. So this company will be great for a recent college grad or someone looking for part-time work. There aren't many challenges if you are the type of person who loves a challenge. Cons: Healthcare, communication among employees"

Former Employee - Customer Support Representative says

"I worked at Foodler full-time Cons: No benefits of any kind: No health insurance. No vacation days. No raises or annual employee evaluations. No positive reinforcement or constructive criticism. There is no real managerial structure. The company CEO has the final say in almost all situations, and cryptic communication is funneled down through supervisors. There is no direct interfacing with decision-makers, nor are concerns truly heard or addressed. There is no actual human resources department. Concerns are "put on file" and essentially buried. Customer Service is difficult in most arenas, but's management does not give its employees the tools to deal with customer/client concerns effectively and in a timely manner. Management continues to push for the acquisition of more restaurant clients, but this business growth is not balanced with the hiring of more people to shoulder the burden. Staffing at is lacking where it is needed most. Customer Support is very sparse, considering the overwhelming influx of angry calls from restaurant managers and customers. No room for advancement."

Former Employee - Customer Support Representative says

"I worked at Foodler full-time for less than a year Cons: Management makes decisions with little to no input from front line workers. Pay scale is low, and the company has not much in the way of positive culture."

Customer Support Representative says

"I worked at Foodler for more than a year Cons: Hire people who can communicate better and have a sense of how to treat people."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Foodler full-time Cons: This company is very "fly by night". Their ordering system had very limited capabilities and frequently would not accept addresses of customers. They were told to just start plugging in nearby addresses until the system accepts one. Why would you use them again after that ? Keep in mind this is a food delivery service company . And that is their system. I was hired and trained for a day or 2 and then didn't hear from my supervisor for 2 months . Another colleague helped me out if I needed assistance but the boss was MIA. It was strange. The order system we as agents used to check orders etc was rudimentary at best and didn't make very much sense. The technology seemed old and out of date ."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Foodler full-time Cons: The pay is really low, and it was hard to get a raise."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Foodler part-time Cons: no input at all from managers, no vacation day or sick days"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I have been working at Foodler full-time for more than a year Cons: no performance reviews health insurance and benefits are not comparable to what other startups are offering their employees no sick days or vacation time no raises, little incentive to stay no metrics or quality assurance system, it's almost impossible to track who is actually performing well or if the customer service for the company as a whole is improving some reps take on a lot more of the work than others lack of communication between teams and sense of community within the company"

Former Employee - Customer Support Representative says

"I worked at Foodler full-time for more than a year Cons: total lack of technical support, no company culture, the owners seem disengaged and never respond to any requests for help. the sales team creates a lot of problems and nobody seems to care."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Foodler full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Bad Management and Managers period."


"I worked at Foodler Cons: Management is unqualified and has no idea what they are doing."

Suzanne Campbell says

"I did not get the salad that I ordered and paid for. The portions of the entrees I ordered were ridiculously small compared to the price. All in all,....not worth it."

Macy Coffey says

"Original delivery was 1h 2m, which is long enough. That was changed to be 21m later. It was delivery another 5+ minutes beyond the second estimate, 1h 30m since our order. The restaurant is not far from our place. Paid for an upgrade for Dasher - but that service didn't work. Tracking said, when the food was delivered, that the driver was 15m away. Never got a notification that the driver was on the way, All and all poor service. Already wrote customer service directly. I am writing this review so that other understand that at best, this is a work in process. We have used they 5x. The others were mixed but acceptable. This experience, which includes a restaurant deliver fee, a Dasher fee and a driver tip, was a silly expense for such service, not to mentioned the 1.5 h delivery time."

Rebecca Waterman says

"Waited 90 minutes for my food to be delivered. Terrible experience. Used to be a fantastic place, but definitely has dropped in quality in recent months.
Here is the order info for my delivery that I still have not received: Foodler Order #798202204"

Dees Points says

"Foodler used to be great, I'm not sure what happened. I got an incorrect order and the place was asking me to pay. I told him I'd already paid on Foodler and that wasn't what I ordered (wrong drink). He showed me the slip he had from Foodler and it listed the wrong drink (the one he'd brought) and they only took off the $ for one of the items, not the entire order and I'd paid the whole thing on Foodler. Lucky, the guy has delivered here before so he told me not to worry about it and he'd take care of it when he got back to the restaurant. I contacted Foodler about the mistake and first they tried blaming me, then the restaurant. Now, no contact after I AGAIN answered all their questions about what was wrong."

Takeysha Duarte says

"Food never came"

John Goosebomb says

"Ordered a pizza at 7 to be delivered at 7:35. Order never showed up, so at 8:00 pm I called the restaurant and got no answer. Never received any call or any food and ended up ordering Felini's instead (and picking it up). Figured the order never made it, but I was indeed charged. I called the restaurant today and they refused to refund me. Called Foodler and they spoke with the owner directly who said "he had no recollection of any missed orders" and also refused to refund the charge.

Absolutely abysmal customer service and I will NEVER be ordering through Foodler, or from Pizzeria Gusto again. I've worked customer service for 5+ years and I'm the last person to ever complain as I give everyone the benefit of the doubt."

Gab says

"I ordered a spicy buffalo calzone, I received a a chicken and cheese calzone. I am very disappointed."

Andrew Hazlegrove says

"I have used this site several times in the past, and usually they get the job done fine. However in the past month I have placed three orders with them, the first of which was ordered late at night and did not show up at all, when I called the restaurant they said Foodler had never contacted them with the order.

Foodler compensated me with $10, so I decided to forget about it and try using them again. The second order went through fine and I got my food in a timely manner. But I have ordered again today, and had the same problem. No delivery, called the restaurant and was told the order never came in. I don't appreciate having to wait for food that is never going to come when I could be busy doing other things, and I certainly don't appreciate going hungry because my lunch didn't arrive.

Keep in mind these orders were placed to two different restaurants, so I am inclined to believe that the problem is on Foodler's end and not the eatery. They will probably reply to this review with the same tired apology they give to every poor review or complaint, but an apology is only worthwhile if the service actually improves in the future."

Chris zannotti says

"The food is currently 1 hour late. I called the place I ordered from and was told, " I am very busy the food is on its way"."

Garrett Maunsell says

"i got all my food exceot instead of getting the marco polo noodles all i recieved was fried noodles."

Annamalai Viswanathan says

"Foodler needs to take Thai Cafe off their list in Providence, worst experience ever, 2 hours and the food has not arrived and the person on the phone tells me this is a very normal occurrence"

Tastemypa!n7 says

"Driver called me three times. Two of them, to tell me that he was not here. Third time, he made me walk to his car. Thank you for the inconvenience. I'm not sure why I gave you my money. Plenty of other services do this way better."

Marilyn says

"They delivered my food after two hours LATE! After several attempts to call them to locate my food. After the 9th call they had the nerve to ask me if I still wanted the food I already paid for?!! I ordered my food at 2:37PM and received my food at 4:47. Horrible service, Never again. The manager also called didn't even apologize and yelled at me and said my kids should of came outside to pick up their food??!!! that why I'm paying a delivery fee and tip?? Horrible service and incompetent workers starting off with management."

Joyce says

"prices are higher than other delivery sites (but actually delivers to more places). was the only site out of 3 to deliver to my place, but had the highest delivery charge on top of prices that were 1-2 dollars higher.

why is it so expensive."

Jill clancey says

"Food arrived in a timely manner. One of the main dishes ended up having a hair in it!! Called foodler almost immediately & still waiting for a refund the next day. I know things happen, but it was pretty disappointing because we were hungry."

Stephanie Leffler says

"I have used this food delivery a few times. Delivery takes a long time always over an hour sometimes closer to 2 hours so plan accordingly. It would be nice if the delivery person checked the order when picking up from the restaurant to verify it is correct and acceptable. I have had incorrect orders and also cold (freezing) food delivered that should have been hot."

Jillian Calore says

"Service is a great concept, but drivers don't follow directions given (regardless of restaurant), food is generally cold upon arrival and takes a very long time when you 'upgrade' to Dashed delivery."

Corie C says

"I sometimes have issues with the restaurants I order through on Foodler. I waited 2 hours for a pizza last week. Restaurant likes to blame Foodler, Foodler blames the Restaurant."

Erica Burke- Bertel says

"The app doesn't adequately allow you to customize your order, forcing you to use the comments section, which is often ignored by restaurants. I really hate that you can't earn point any longer and restaurants seem to be leaving. The drivers are always pleasant and I am a busy working mother so we have been using Foodler far too often."

Veej Crowley says

"I used this site all the time for delivery.. but since they are getting rid of their rewards system... theres nothing left that makes them any different from other sites.. so I'm probably not going to be using them anymore"